Classroom Rules & Expectations

Physical Education - Grading: 3 Points Per Day 

A. Respect - 1 point

    1. Respects ideas of others and treats them equally

      2. Shows consideration of others

      3. Stays on task

      4. Uses appropriate language when talking to others

      5. Display honesty during the activity or in class

      6. Does not talk or fool around when the teacher is talking


B. Safety - 1 point

     1. Ready to participate in proper clothing and sneakers

     2. Show an awareness of your body and those around you

     3. Show the respect for the equipment, the property and the environment


C. Responsibility - 1 point

     1. Willing to try to new activities

     2. Good sportsmanship

     3. Effort - engages in the activity and works hard

     4. Contributes to group tasks & positive encouragement of others

     5. Talks in class when appropriate

     6. Accepts the outcome of the game

                     R - Rules learn and follow them

                     E - Enthusiasm always bring a good attitude to class

                     S Safety by following rules and procedures

                     P Prepared with the appropriate attire sneakers and clothes

                     E - Effort always try your best


                     C - Cooperate in a group setting by working well with others

                     T Team Building show your ability to work together effectively