Inquiry Based Learning | The Five Es of Science
I am working towards more inquiry in my classroom.
Please view this video for more information:  Benefits of IBL
I also took a class this summer learning about the 5Es of Science:  Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.  With all this new information I am excited to start the year with a new perspective.  Here are some of the benefits of IBL:
1.  Embraces curiosity.
2. Increased motivation and learning.
3. Engages inquiry through self-motivation and relevance.
4. Improved learning through a variety of skills such as communication.
5. Students participate and cultivate skills.
6. Inquiry provides many critical thinking opportunities.
7. Individualized learning with teacher feedback and support.
8. Students work and communicate in pairs or groups.
9. Instills lifelong learning.
10. Students take responsibility for their own learning.
Image with text: 10 reasons to use inquiry based learning. 1. nurture student passions and talents. 2. Empower student voice and honor student choice. 3. Increase motivation and engagement. 4.Foster curiosity and a love for learning. 5. Teach grit, perseverence, growth midnest, & self regulation. 6. Make research meaningful and develop strong research sills. 7. Deepen understanding to go beyond memorizing facts and content. 8. Fortify the importance of asking good questions, 9. Enable students to take ownership over thier own learning and to reach their goals. 10. Solve the problems of tomorrow in the classrooms of today.