Homework Policy and Notes
If you have any questions or concerns regarding homework including tips, 
amount and or skill level, please contact me.   Thank you!

Hampstead School District offers a continuum of homework practices: Policy IKB


  • In grades K-2, no homework is to be assigned. Teachers will provide parents with recommendations to extend students’ learning which parents may use at their own discretion. 
  • In grades 3-5, assigning nightly homework is not required, and will only be assigned when it is purposeful and meaningful. If assigned, students are expected to spend no more than 30 minutes per night on these activities. If parents prefer that their child be excused from homework assignments, they will notify the teacher. 
  • In grades 6-8, homework participation and completion is expected. 


It is expected that all teachers will give students feedback on their completed homework assignments. Homework accuracy and completion will not be factored into a student’s academic performance or achievement grade. Principals will determine the procedures for reporting homework on the report card commensurate with each grade level.