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                         3rd Grade SPELLING at HCS

A Word Study Program to Improve Spelling
Through Explicit and Engaging Practice 

Primary Spelling by Pattern departs from a traditional emphasis on rote memorization of word lists; instead, students benefit from learning basic spelling patterns in conjunction with decoding patterns.
In Primary Spelling by Pattern, skills are introduced in sequence to match the instruction of decoding strategies, and special memory strategies are employed for irregular words. The teacher leads the class with activities, games, and songs to help students understand and use the regular sound-symbol patterns of English. Primary Spelling by Pattern is much more than a spelling program: It is a word study program.

Click on the links below to print out word lists that you can put on the fridge or cut apart to sort, order, & play games with.

Spelling Links:

In addition, you may use these links below to play spelling games to practice common sight words.