Grade 2 Focus Forward

   Grade 2 Focus Forward Friday, October 26, 2018    LANGUAGE ARTS Story: The Ugly Vegetables Reading Skill: Drawing conclusions about what the author does not say. Grammar Skill: Proper Nouns Vocabulary Skill: Homophones (words that sound the same but are not spelled the same)      Upcoming Events October 31 ~ Halloween All School Costume Parade and classroom happenings   High Frequency Words For reading not spelling air car cried funny pictures pretty told window SPELLING/PHONICS Double consonants and ck after a short vowel dress, add, class, full, off, will, rock, trick, stuck, kick, black, neck MATH Place Value to 100 Ones, Tens, Hundreds Value of a digit SCIENCE Changing Matter Using a solid and a liquid to make a gas (Volcanoes)