Meet Mrs. Lacourse

graphic image of apple that says Teacher to the Core

Hello everyone and welcome to the wonderful world of kindergarten!  

Picture of Mrs. Elaine LacourseI began my teaching career teaching kindergarten in Manchester, NH.  I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education as well as a Master’s of Science degree in Early Literacy Education.  In 1998, I was fortunate enough to join the teaching staff here at Hampstead Central School. The town of Hampstead is a wonderful place to work, live and grow up in.  I have had the great pleasure of working with so many special students and their wonderful families over the years- and each year my circle of friends continues to grow.

A day in the life of a kindergarten teacher:

Most days in kindergarten unfold as one might expect. We read.  We draw.  We color.  We eat. We play.  We sing. We build.  We rest.  We learn. We make friends. We discover life.

What a rare and golden opportunity to watch life bloom- untouched and unaffected.

Kindergartners have light bulb moments all the time- when an idea is connected with true understanding, when unlikely, new friendships are formed, when children realize that in spite of their differences, on the inside- they are all the same. 
And how about the joy of watching a child reading for the first time?  Yet another milestone witnessed in the life of a child. Light bulbs flashing everywhere! Yes, it is right up there with the Seven Wonders of the World.        
The joy and excitement of learning and discovery unfolding in five and six year old minds- it really is that exciting!